Machining of metals
For machining of metals the home-produced and foreign equipment are used including the equipment with computer control.
Instrument-making production
Science and technical potential of a shop lets factory decide the most difficult problems of instrument production (from computer designing of equipment and special instrument to their manufacture).
Galvanic shop
This shop has 3 galvanic lines where 6 different technologic processes are taken place. They are:
1) alkaline zincing of steel details with the glitter-forming addition “Protolux 3000”;
2) phosphating of details made from sluminium and its alloys;
3) solid anoding of details made from aluminium and its alloys;
4) passivating of details made from copper and its alloys;
5) chemical oxidation of steel details;
6) chemical nickel-plating of steel and aluminium.
In the time of surfacing technology work the problem of new bath compositions, according to Western Europe Standards was solved.
One of the priorities at the galvanic producing designing is getting minimum of bad influence on the environment.
Engineering “Wilson Engineering A/S” firm (Dania) includes the re-circulation system of water with minimum sleg formation and it is the only structure in Ukraine, refairs to the ecology. The modern cleansing structures using of at the galvanic production lets the factory get the washing water normative of 10 l on 1 sq.m of sutface, according Western Europe Standards.

The plastic casting sector
The plastic casting sector has the most modern and high productive equipment from the termoplastautomation leader the “Demag Ergotech GmbH” firm (Germany).
All the processes, which are carried out by the tермо-layer-automatic device, are automated and operated by the Energycontrol system which keeps information about individual specialities of the press-form, raw material and producing conditions of every detail. It takes shorter time to change the tермо-layer-automatic device into new detail producing. At any time you can get the information from the tермо-layer-automatic device about current processes and if it is necessary to correct them.
For plastic details producing we use materials from the world producing leaders: “Basf”, “Bayer”, “Dow”, “Atofina”, “General Ebedri”. In September 2002 the only robot complex in ICU for plastic bases casting was put into operation at the factory. It has been done for plastic bases casting of “SmartXpress” electronic cards with the productivity of 20 000 000 per year.
Assembly production
Assembly production of the factory has modern automatic equipment from Holland and Germany for electronic components installation, convection printed-circuit-boads soldering and the “wave solder”. At the equipment units production both technologies of hand assembly and surface assembly are used.
Card production
Our company has functioned successfully at the plastic cards market since 1995. For this period of time 70 mil. of cards have been produced. Our customers of electronic phone cards are national operators from ICU, more than 20 region communication operators from Russia and also a lot of private operators. Our enterprise takes part at the “Unified Telephone Card” project in Ukraine and Russia.
High level of safety, access limit and access control at card production, multilevel programmed access protection of card initialization and card personalization except the illegal card production.
Every year the enterprise puts new equipment for production of new card types and works out new extras, based on electronic cards using.
Card types:
1) telephone;
2) discontact;
3) scratch-cards;
4)discount, club and etc.;
Technologies: offset printing, automatic assembly of phone cards, individual packing, varnishing, laminating, embossing, covering of symbols' relief a gold or silver foil, indent-printing, full-coloured photograph surfacing, stroke-code printing.
The “TELECARD-PRIBOR” Ltd. has been producing the discontact cards since 2003. One of the specialities is “inlet” making and laminating process.
For “inlet” production our own-made automatic machines were worked out. They use for:
1) hole making for modul;
2) antenna winding;
3) electric parameter control of antenna;
4) modul installation and connecting with the antenna;
5) final control of electric parameters;
6) automatic “inlet” putting in special containers.

Multipositional laminator has been worked out and produced at the enterprise. It lets you assemble intermediate products for discontact cards, cassette passing according to the programme at the appointed position into the hot laminating unit and then the position of cooling and cassette disassembling.
Comparing with the world analogies – in 2003 in France the similar 2-position laminator with hand cassette assembling and disassembling was demonstrated first time.
Technology using with the minimum human participation guarantees the high quality and high productivity.

The “TELECARD-PRIBOR” Ltd. has modern, high productive home-produced equipment from Germany, Japan, France, Holland and USA.

They are the following technologies:

  • metal and plastic machining;
  • aluminium and plastic casting;
  • galvanic, powder and lacquer-paint coverings;
  • hang and surface the printed-circuit-board electro-assembly;
  • the printed-circuit-board assembly and regulation;
  • electronic equipment assembly and regulation;
  • аautomatic testing and electronic equipment checking;
  • automated assembly of electronic cards (contact and discontact);
  • printing on plastic;
  • base casting for plastic cards.