The “Delta-XXI” operating system.

The “Delta-XXI” system is a system of top level. It is used for operating and traffic division between the different operators and cards emitents.

The main functions of the “Delta-XXI” centre are:


  • cross-billing operations between the card emitents and communication operators with the card rotation analizing and the following “electronic” accounts forming with the giving services indication;
  • flexible operation of permitted lists conversations for each phone card;
  • getting the datas about all the conversations according to each phone card;
  • all public phones control of all the “Sirius” operating system, connected with the centre;
  • monitoring of public phone nets condition for each “Sirius-XXI” system and for the whole at the real time regime;
  • monitoring of the “Sirius” the automated workplaces working activity connected with the centre;
  • automatic datas transmission about transactions and monitoring datas into the “Alfa” system.


Co-operation with the “Sirius-XXI” systems is possible:

  1. at on-line regime with getting information about past conversations at the real time regime;
  2. at off-line regime (Dial-up connection).