The stationary calculating terminals are used in public transport for transport fare payments. They are the automatic devices for service payments with the help of uncontested card. This device is very easy to handle and lets up make a payment very quickly. Also each terminal has the control function of checking. It has been made for people's comfort. With its help people can check the test of money on card and money operations he or she has made. During the project adoption conductors can take transport fare and they have to have hand terminals. The hand terminal is a small mobile device, comfortable in using. It has all functions that the stationary terminal has. So with the help of it the conductor can check the fact of passenger fare. By using the control function or makes the payment if it is necessary. The route transport controllers have hand control terminals for fare payment checking only. Privilege persons who have got the Social Cards from the Social Protection Board use it for transport fare according to the exact number of monthly money free trips.

The transport enterprise has a server for getting factual information about giving services for essential period of time.

So the project gives the full information about quantity of passenger trips (e.g. daily) including privilege passengers. This information lets us regulate transport needs and offers. Getting the exact datas about privilege persons trips gives us the opportunity to know the exact subsidies amount from the city budget. The analyzing of this information and monitoring of passengers let us improve the route network and the timetable of public transport system. Cheque payment will increase monthly profit of transport enterprises. It also helps to increase transport workers salaries and gives the opportunity to invest some money in transport repair and development.