Today the control cash apparatus are main aspects of each trade enterprise which uses cash. The "Telecard-pribor" Ltd. offers you theportable electronic control cash register (ECCA) "Telecard-001" for trade enterprises and companies, service, transport e.g.

The best correlation of prices / possibilities and high quality of ECCA "Telecard-001" is your right choice.

  • small size;
  • little weight (1,10 kg);
  • it is possible to complete by a cover;
  • capacity for work with high humidity and low temperature (-5...+40 °C);
  • easy and comtertable to use;
  • the internal battery (charging from 220V) lets ECCA autonomous work full day long;
  • computer and other outlying devices inputs.

Functional and technical description of ECCA "Telecard-001"

  • 15 departments 9 goods groups. It is possible to programme 15 symbols in departments' names and goods groups;
  • 6000goods codes programming (the goods code up to 14 numbers), goods names symbols up to 20;
  • fiscal memory for 3500 daily reports with the separate calculation of 4 groups, fax free sums and payment sums;
  • 16 cashiers with 5 symbols codes and cashier's name up to 20 symbols;
  • energy independed memory, clock, calendar and operative memory datas; 2 ports RS-232 for scaner stroke codes and computer input;
  • the PS/2 port for PS/2 and scaner stroke codes input;
  • entry for money box input;
  • entry for customer indicator input;
  • mobile customer two-lined indicator (16 line symbols);
  • the ECCA has one-lined lighted symbol display (16 line symbols);
  • the termoprinter MP-208 is used (work resource - 5,2 mln. lines; tape width - 57,5 mm; top roll paper diameter - 50 mm);
  • new goods codes programming, ECCA and PC; datas;
  • reports reading in PC.