Production/Telecommunication/payphone equipment

Payphone is a telephone apparatus which puts you through after the putting of one or some coins or special counter into the public phone.

Payphones have more then age-old history. They were changed through the time, from the simple hand-operated ones to the super modern Web- payphones. The first coin- payphones appeared before the revolution. They were made in Sweden. A phone subscriber put the coin into special hole. It hit the box… from ice-cream and the contact was closed. Later the money-box was improved as our bright subscribers were taught to use the public phone without a coin. This “invention” made the net unprofitable but it made us improve this useful device. Very intensive technical progress made the extensive way to the future payphones.

In 1995 the new age of payphones development was begun by the electronic plastic cards inculcation. The “TELECARD-PRIBOR” Ltd. has been taking part in realization of the “Card payphone and unified phone card” project for a long time in Ukraine and CIS countries. These public phones work in multipurpose regime and let the services of city, trunk-line and international communication. We improve the equipment all the time.

Exactly the “TELECARD-PRIBOR” Ltd. has become the first home company offering the modernization decisions of payphone nets. This company delivers the full equipment set from phone half-boxes and payphone nets. This company delivers the full equipment set from phone half-boxes and public phones to billing systems and phone cards. Before the “TELECARD-PRIBOR” Ltd. only foreign companies were able to do such system approach.

Telecommunication and informational technologies and their development mean high demands not only for new communication services but also for traditional ones such as public phone communication. According to the new demands for telecommunication equipment the “TELECARD-PRIBOR” Ltd. introduces the payphone equipment complex of new generation which lets:

  • increase the quality of communication services;
  • give high level of protection system from the illegal permit to the phone net and illegal telephone card producing;
  • give high level of using convenience and phone net operation;
  • collect, keep and analyze the traffic of payphone net datas for the top economic affect getting.

The public phone equipment complex consists of:

  • cross-billing system “Delta-XXI” for mutual payments of phone nets operators and telephone cards emitters;
  • automatic system of technical diagnostics and payphone operation “Sirius-XXI”;
  • multipurpose system public phone “Telecard-121”;
  • telephone line protection from the illegal input;
  • electronic phone card based on the “Eurochip T2G” modul with the active authentification mechanism using.

The rules of payphone using.

Payphone is used for city trunk-line and international communication with the payphone cards payment.

The order of operations:

  • Pick up the receiver.
  • Put the phone card into the card receiver, putting the contact surface up.
  • For city communication: dial the city phone number and if you hear your subscriber answer push shortly the button “Answer”.
  • For trunk-line communication: dial the number “8” and after the continuous signal appearance dial the city code and the subscriber phone number. If you hear the answer push shortly the button “Answer”.
  • For international communication: dial the numbers “8” and “10”, country code, city code and subscriber number. If you hear the answer push shortly the button “Answer”.
  • At the end of speaking replace the receiver and take the phone card out.

Money free calls: 01, 02, 03 and 04.