The electronic multifunctional electric meters "Energia-9" organize the comercial and technical calculation of electric energy using according to electric energy rates.

Using for:

  • active, reactive and full energy measuring;
  • energy measuring in 1 and 3 phased alternating current circuit;
  • energy measuring in 3 and 4 wired alternating current nets;
  • energy measuring in 1 or 2 directions;
  • work organizing according to electric energy rates;
  • can use direct or transformer input schemes;
  • can be used in autonomous way or automatic control systems and calculation of electric energy (ASCE).

For working in "ASCE" electric meters have the consecutive interface and the telemetrical output.


  • calculation and indication of used energy for each of 12 last months according to all rates;
  • "winter"-"summer" time changing;
  • getting meter datas with the help of change datas device or electronic card; the information transmission through the RS-485 interface.

In conformity with:

GOST 30206-94 (MEK 687-92) - for meters of 0,2S; 0,5S precision class;

GOST 30207-94 (MEK 1036-9) - for meters of 1,0 precision class.

Sertificated in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine:

Belarus sertificate № 1884, in the state registry SIT № RB 0313156502;

Russia sertificate UA. C 34.999A № 9853, in the state registry SIT № 21106-01;

Ukraine sertificate UA.M1/1-843-2000 № 1258, in the state registry SIT № U1335-00.