Telecard-device company engaged in the production of electric convectors, and is one of the market leaders in this segment of the goods that belong to the category of household appliances. However, despite the rather broad scope of this type of devices, we noted that today not all have an idea of what exactly is electric heaters. Therefore, this article is educational in nature and aims at a simple language to answer the question: "What is the electric heaters?"


Heaters designed to maintain adequate heating and room temperature. The idea of electric convectors, as well as other types of convectors, based on the general provisions of the uneven circulation of heated air in the room, and application technologies based on the use of many different types of heat sources. Today, electric heaters can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Heaters are so named because of the fact that the principle of their operation is based on the concept of the so-called natural convection. Are one of the earliest forms of space heating systems, residential buildings in particular.

1. Simply put, electric heaters are only a heat exchanger, as well as those instruments that are designed to cool the air, the principle of operation is based on the reverse. Heaters create around themselves a "cloud" of warm air, and thereby provide movement flows unevenly heated air in the room (see. The concept of the natural convection of the substance). Such movement of air in the room occurs before until convector included or not reached the desired temperature, because modern electric heaters provided with the temperature sensor which can set the desired range of heating air.

2. It is often said that any device that runs on the network and causing convection - electric convector. The present invention has replaced the earlier and dangerous heater for heating the air in the room. One should not be confused with electric radiators electric heaters, as through the use of older technologies, they are not able to warm up the air quality in the room.

3. Heaters combine simplicity and efficiency, when we are faced with the task of warm air in the room (for example, in a building). Their closed design ensures the safety of use, due to the fact that they (electrical convectors) may be arbitrarily close to a variety of materials, while not causing a fire or damage to these materials.

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