To date, most of the population are the owners of plastic cards. The number of people using them, constantly continues to grow steadily. Plastic cards irresistibly invade our lives, gaining more and more new areas of application.

Plastic card - a guarantee of safety of funds. They are widely used in the retail trade, with their help, the buyer has the opportunity to not only pay for goods and services, but also save money.

Benefits derived from the use of customer credit card, and cause the demand for them.

Due to the increasing demand for plastic cards, and increases the level of supply of this product. If the situation in developed countries is clear, there is production of plastic cards there are more than half a century, our vendors to develop this product came not so long ago.

To organize the production of plastic cards, domestic manufacturers have used the experience of foreign companies, in fact introduce into production already fulfilled in practice, the technology is much easier than to invent your own.

Differences in processes of production of plastic cards linked to the fact that the various companies to implement technologies in countries such as the US, Japan, China and Italy. Each of these countries based on their own principles and traditions of the production of plastic cards. Differences in the production base of Ukrainian producers causes a large variation in the quality of the produced cards.

Often irresponsible domestic "Mount manufacturers' plastic cards in pursuit of profit use the cheapest components, paint and plastic. This leads to such disastrous results as blurring and flaking paint, the appearance of "barbs" on the edges of maps and other defects. After a month or two such cards do not look very aesthetically pleasing, and become almost unusable.

Reputable companies trust the production of such an important branding products like plastic card only companies with a solid reputation in the market of these products.

LLC "Telephone Cards-instrument" for over 14 years engaged in production of plastic cards for various purposes. This cards to pay for online services, telephone calls, electricity and other payments; card identifying the person (medical, insurance), as well as cards that serve a payment instrument in banking applications.

All products of "Telephone Cards-DEVICE" meets the requirements of ISO 7810, 7813, 7816, guaranteed that provides the highest quality of each product.

Turning to LLC "Telephone Cards-DEVICE" You get high-quality plastic cards, which faithfully serve you for many years.